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Fish and Wildlife

03/14/2017: 2017 Fish Facts - PPC updates the 2017 Fish Facts, a compilation of relevant facts on the BPA ratepayer-funded effort to aid salmon and steelhead in the Columbia and Snake River. To view the document click here.

05/13/2016: PPC and NW RiverPartners file joint brief in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals opposing efforts to unlawfully modify the 2014 Fish and Wildlife Program. The brief can be viewed by clicking here.

8/12/2014: PPC comments on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ plan to manage double-crested cormorants in the Columbia River estuary can be viewed by clicking here.

07/28/2014: The recently submitted comments to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council on their Fish and Wildlife Program can be viewed by clicking here.  The F&W Program guides BPA spending on fish and wildlife. While BPA is the ultimate arbiter in funding decisions, the NWPCC’s recommendations in the program go a long way in BPA’s decision making.

10/07/2013: The Public Power Council's Comments on the Draft 2013 FCRPS Biological Opinion can be viewed by clicking here.

09/17/2013: The collective comments from the Public Power Council, NW RiverPartners, PNGC Power, and Northwest Requirements Utilities on the NW Power and Conservation Council’s F&W Program can be viewed by clicking here.

08/16/2013: PPC's Comments on Comprehensive Evaluation of the 2008 BiOp can be viewed by clicking here.

12/21/2012: PPC filed a brief in the Northwest Resource Information Center challenge to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's 6th Power Plan and the inclusion of BPA's reported fish and wildlife costs. View brief by clicking here.

04/04/2012: PPC comments on the ISRP Review of the Ocean Synthesis Report. To view these comments click here.

02/05/2012: Joint Public Power Letter to Senator Merkley. Public power from Oregon and the Public Power Council sent a joint letter to Senator Merkley urging him to resist calls to supplant the existing collaborative process that developed the 2010 Biological Opinion for the FCRPS with a new process. To view the letter click here.

08/01/2011: Kalispel MOA Comments. PPC submits comments to BPA on the Proposed Memorandum of Agreement between the Kalispel Tribe and the Action Agencies. Click here to view the comments.

02/16/2011: PPC Executive Director, Scott Corwin, defends the Biological Opinion for the federal Columbia River power system in a letter to the Oregonian. Click here to view the letter.

05/20/2010: PPC issues a statement on the Obama Administration's release of the 2010 Supplemental Biological Opinion. To view the statement click here.

05/10/2010: PPC submits comments on the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's draft Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Reporting Plan. View the comments here.

04/05/2010: In a letter to BPA Administrator, Steve Wright, PPC's Executive Director, Scott Corwin, raises questions regarding the agency's public and customer review processes after a 20 year contract with the Bonneville Environmental Fund was executed without any public or customer review. Click here to view the letter.

"Collaborating for Salmon" A joint Op Ed by Scott Corwin, Executive Director of PPC, and John Saven, Chief Executive Officer of Northwest Requirements Utilities, is published by the Oregonian on August 31, 2009, and available on its web page. The joint opinion piece supports the current Biological Opinion for the Federal Columbia River Power System and takes on recent claims in national newspapers that science supports removing the four Lower Snake River dams as the only way to recovery ESA-listed salmon species. Their piece highlights recent improvements in salmon survival as over a million salmon return to the Columbia River today as compared to 500,000 in 1938. Click here to view their joint Op Ed.

PPC Comments on the Northwest Power and Conservation Council Draft Fish and Wildlife Expenditure Report: On July 9, 2009, PPC submitted comments on the Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s draft of the Eighth Annual Report to the Northwest Governors on Expenditures of the Bonneville Power Administration to implement the Columbia River Basin fish and wildlife program. Click here to view PPC's comments.

PPC Mythbusters Series

PPC has taken on the prevailing myths surrounding efforts to recover ESA-listed salmon and steelhead in the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

To view the PPC's Mythbusters and Ruralite's one-page versions click on the links below.



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